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Summer 2010 Newsletter

Board Officers & Members:
Co Chairs: Mike Rancour and open position
Secretary: open position
Treasurer: Dan Radunz
O’Brien Members: George Chuba, and open position
Goodrich Members: Kathy Royce, and Miles Johnson

2010 GOLA Meeting Dates
All meetings are on Saturdays at the Crosslake American Legion club.
July 3, 10:00 A.M. – Business Meeting
September 4, 11:00 am Business Meeting, ~ noon Pork Chop Lunch. Rather than a potluck lunch, we will be supporting the Legion Pork Chop Barbecue this year. You are encouraged to bring a desert to share.

O’Brien Launch Site
The old launch site between the lakes will be open twice in the fall:
Sunday, September 5, 4:00 to 6:00 pm
Saturday, October 16, 9:00 to 11:00 am

Welcome Wagon
Lynette Bourcy is our Association “welcome wagon” representative. Please let someone on the board know when new neighbors move in. Lynette has tote bags filled with goodies for our new lake residents.

GOLA Website
The lakeshore association website is at The hosting service is being provided by Crosslake Communications at a reduced rate. We plan to make the site the primary communication vehicle for GOLA. Bring your ideas for content to the meetings.

GOLA Directory A new lake directory will be available at the fall meeting. The directory will be provided to all members and anyone who returns a survey. Or after the meeting by contacting Mike Rancour.

Exotic Weeds
Milfoil continues to spread to lakes throughout Minnesota. Remember to remove any weeds that cling to the bottom of your boat, motor or trailer. Remind your friends to do this each time they launch a boat.

Annual Membership Dues
We encourage everyone with property on the lake to join our association. The last page of the newsletter has a form to submit with your annual dues. Dues are $20 per year per household. Please make your checks out to GOLA and mail to PO Box 674, Crosslake, MN 56442-0674 or see Dan Radunz at the summer meeting. This is an even year so Walter Israel Fund activity will occur this fall. Include any donation with your dues.

Water Quality Testing
Complete testing for water quality continues to be done on a regular basis. Temperature, dissolved oxygen, PH, and specific conductivity are done at two meters of depth. A secchi disk reading is also done to measure water clarity. Lowering the disk and taking two water samples only takes a few minutes, but should be done each month from June to September to monitor the long term trends. The team of Bob Mattson and Paul Krueger has been testing O’Brien and Bob Stock and Miles Johnson are testing Goodrich. At least one trained backup for each lake would be really helpful. If you can help, please contact one of the team members. The information collected is available on the DNR website at:

Weed Testing
Results of the weed testing by Professional Lake Management are posted on the website.

Treasurer’s Report Summary
Balances as of 5/29/2010:
General Fund Balance $1,600.37
Emergency Fund Balance $1,408.71
Walter Israel Fund $2,277.37
Total $5,286.45

Corn Gluten Meal, A Natural Lawn Treatment
Carol Larsen suggested the use of corn gluten as a natural herbicide and fertilizer. Corn gluten meal is a by-product of processing corn to make corn starch and corn syrup. It is generally sold as a golden yellow meal or as light brown granules. Corn gluten meal is a good fertilizer because it contains about 10% nitrogen. Corn gluten meal is 60% protein and is used as feed for cattle, poultry, fish, and dogs.

However, people with corn allergies should avoid it. Ten to twenty pounds is typically applied per 1000 square feet. Corn gluten meal is a pre-emergent so it works on seeds not existing weeds. People that have used it suggest applying the early spring and again in late fall. Each year you can see your grass improve & the weeds & dandelions disappear. If you use the powdered version so it's best to apply it on a calm day just before a nice rain or wet it down by sprinkling for best results. It can be purchased from Bjerga's Feed Store, 915 Front St., Bainerd (218-829-4104) or Bjerga's at 321 Co 1 W., Pine River (218-587-2887). Call ahead to be sure it is stock. Cost is about $30 for a 50 lb. bags.

Here are links for more information:



GOLA Survey This survey is an attempt to gather input from all lake property owners. The input will be used to make GOLA a more effective organization and enable broader participation.

What times do you prefer for association meetings?
______ Current schedule Saturday morning closest to the 3 major holidays
______ Saturday morning the week before the three major holidays
______ Saturday morning the week after the three major holidays
______ Other time (write in)………………….

Which of the following activities should the association continue?
______ Yearly newsletter
______ Email alerts for items of interest to property owners, including variance requests.
______ Website updates
______ Lake monitoring for invasive weeks
______ O’Brien old launch monitoring
______ Fish stocking
______ Publish Lake Directory
______ Maintaining the GOLA website

What new activities should the association undertake?
______ Shore land management committee (assist homeowners in improving shore land management via lakescaping suggestions)

Write in suggestions for guest speakers you would like to have:

I would be willing to help with:

______ Being a board member
______ Publish lake directory
______ Finding guest speakers
______ Boat launching
______ Fish stocking
______ Lake water quality monitoring
Return Survey with your dues or give to any Board Member

Goodrich O’Brien Lake Association Membership Signup Form

Last Name(s): ______________________________________________________
First Name(s): ______________________________________________________
Home Address: _____________________________________________________
City, State, & Zip Code: ______________________________________________
Home Phone: _________________________
Lake Address: ______________________________________________________
Email Address: ________________________
Special Crosslake Mailing Address (P.O. Box): ____________________________

Please send the annual newsletter to me via:

______ email
______ U.S. postal mail
______ I’ll just download it from the website

Please mail to: Goodrich O’Brien Lake Associaton
P.O. Box 674
Crosslake, MN 56442
Or give to a board member
Yearly membership dues are $20 per household. Donations for fish stocking are tracked in a separate fund (Walter Israel Memorial Fund).


Goodrich O’Brien Lakeshore Association
Yearly Treasurer Report – Year Ending December 31, 2009
Starting General Fund Account Balance $421.14
Debits $2401.77
Credits $3615.00
Ending General Fund Account Balance $1,625.37

General Fund Debits
5/27/2009 American Legion – Coffee $30.00
5/27/2009 Loyal Meech – Secretary Fee 2008, Newletter, PO box $336.77
6/2/2009 Kathy Royce – Meeting Treats $10.00
7/24/2009 Maureen Durand – Gift Certificate for Lawyer for Dam work $200.00
9/22/2009 Loyal Meech – Secretary Fee 2009 $100.00
9/23/2009 Kathy Royce – Meeting Treats $15.00
11/27/2009 Professional Lake Management – Lake Survey 2nd half fee $1,500.00
Debit Website cost @$10 per month (2009) $120.00
Debit Website renewal GOLAMN.ORG (2 years) $40.00
General Fund Debit TOTAL $2401.77

General Fund Credits
1/12/2009 NSF Check Refund $33.00
5/11/2009 Dues 1 @$17 $17.00
5/13/2009 Dues 2 @$7 $14.00
5/21/2009 Dues 25@$17 $425.00
5/26/2009 Dues $745.00
5/28/2009 Dues 8@$17 $136.00
6/5/2009 Dues 11@$17 $187.00
6/11/2009 Dues 6@$17 $102.00
6/24/2009 Dues 3@$17 $ 51.00
7/3/2009 Dues 1@$20 $20.00
7/6/2009 Dues 4@$17 $68.00
7/13/2009 Dues $195.00
8/12/2009 Dues 2@$17 $34.00
9/3/2009 Dues 2@$17 $34.00
9/14/2009 Dues 2@$17 $34.00
11/27/2009 Dues 1@$20 $20.00
11/27/2009 Transfer from Emergency Fund (Lake Survey Fee) $1,500.00
General Fund Credit Total $3615.00

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Starting Emergency Fund Account Balance $2,674.20
Debits $1500.00
Credits $234.33
Ending Emergency Fund Account Balance $1,408.53

Emergency Fund Debits
11/27/2009 Transfer to General Fund $1,500.00
Emergency Fund Debit Total $1,500.00

Emergency Fund Credits
Jan-Dec Interest $1.33
5/11/2009 Dues 1 @$3 $3.00
5/13/2009 Dues 2 @$3 $7.00
5/21/2009 Dues 25@$3 $75.00
5/28/2009 Dues 8@$3 $24.00
6/5/2009 Dues 11@$3 $33.00
6/11/2009 Dues 6@$3 $18.00
6/24/2009 Dues 3@$3 $9.00
7/6/2009 Dues 4@$3 $12.00
7/13/2009 Dues $35.00
8/12/2009 Dues 2@$3 $6.00
9/3/2009 Dues 2@$3 $6.00
9/14/2009 Dues 2@$3 $6.00
11/27/2009 Dues 1@$20 $20.00
Emergency Fund Credit Total $234.33

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Starting Walter Israel Fund Account Balance $1,446.15
Debits $0.0
Credits $830.94
Ending Walter Israel Fund Account Balance $2,277.09

Walter Israel Fund Credits Jan-Dec Interest $0.94
5/21/2009 Donations $345.00
5/28/2009 Donations $40.00
6/5/2009 Donations $45.00
6/11/2009 Donations $45.00
6/24/2009 Donations $25.00
7/6/2009 Donations $55.00
7/13/2009 Donations $210.00
8/12/2009 Donations $10.00
9/3/2009 Donations $35.00
9/14/2009 Donations $20.00
Walter Israel Fund Credit Total $830.94