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Spring 2005 Newsletter
Board Members
Co-Chair O’Brien: Mike Flynn (692-1377)
Co-Chair Goodrich: Mike Rancour (692-2617)
Secretary: Open
Treasurer: Arnie Berg

O’Brien Board Member: George Chuba
O’Brien Board Member: Bob Mattson
Goodrich Board Member: Kathy Royce
Goodrich Board Member: Open
Ex-Officio President: Maureen Durand

GOLA Website The website is moving to It’s an easier name to remember, the ads are gone, and the site will be easier to maintain than the free one. Crosslake Communication is providing the hosting service at a reduced rate. We plan to improve the site and make it a primary communication vehicle. Bring your ideas for content to the spring meeting.

2005 GOLA Meeting Dates
All meetings are Saturdays at the Crosslake American Legion club.
May 28, 10:00 am – Social Meeting
July 9, 10:00 am – Business Meeting
September 10, Noon – Pot Luck Lunch, 1:00 p.m. Business Meeting

Annual Membership Dues
The last page of the newsletter has a form to fill out with your annual dues. Dues remain at $10 per year. Please send your check to Arnie Berg or pay at the Spring meeting.

Board Vacancies
The secretary position, one of the Goodrich board member positions, and one of the O'Brien board member positions were not filled at the annual meeting last fall. Therefore, per the association bylaws, the board has appointed Bob Mattson to fill the O'Brien board position. Bob's term runs until the Fall 2005 meeting. The other two positions are still open. If you are interested, please contact any member of the board.

Water Quality Testing
Water quality and clarity testing continues in the summer months for both lakes. WAPOA (Whitefish) is in charge of the testing and compiles the results. Bob Mattson and Arnie Berg have been testing O’Brien, Bob Stock and Miles Johnson have been testing Goodrich. Secchi disk readings for 5/23/05 were 28’ in O’Brien and 15’ in Goodrich. Marty Peterson and Bud Boyd are also testing the lakes with the Secchi disk for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Others interested in testing are asked to contact one of the team member.

Shoreline Restoration
Good shoreline practice can help keep the quality of our lakes high. Bob Mattson has taken a class in shoreline restoration. At the class, he received a significant amount of informational material. Call him, if you would like to borrow the material or chat about shoreline care.

Lakes HistoryV Pam Hauglie (692-5116) volunteered to head up the Lake History Committee. Art Vadnais and Arnie Berg to assist. This ia an effort to once again update and publish the history written by Betty Smith. Everyone’s input will be appreciated.

Welcome Wagon
Mary Berg has tote bags for new residents in our area. For Mary to do her job she needs to know when your new neighbors move in. Call Mary and let her know who your new neighbors are: 692-4153.

Lake Directory
The lakes directory previously promised in January could be ready for our July meeting.

Public Water Access
The following e-mail was received from the DNR. The appraisal of the state trust fund land was completed this winter. We are reviewing that figure and making a determination regarding that site on O’Brien. Our engineering department has begun preliminary design. After the cost review is completed we should be ready to proceed. Movement on a site for purchase and development should follow this early summer. Our goal (don’t hold us it, though) would be completion in 2006.

O’Brien Launch Site – Temporary Solution
Fairfield Township allowed the old access to be open on two Saturdays in May (7th and 21st). Eight boats were launched on each day. We will attempt to open the site for two Saturdays in the fall.

Exotic Weeds
Milfoil continues to spread to lakes throughout Minnesota. Remember to remove any weeds that cling to the bottom of your boat, motor or trailer. Remind your friends to do this each time they launch a boat.

Chairman's Award
An award for the best potluck dish at the Fall meeting has been established. The co-chair whose term is expiring will choose the winner. Congratulations to the 2004 winner (what is your name?) for her fabulous apple (???). We need her picture and recipe for the website.

2005 Treasurer’s Report Summary
General Fund Balance $ 1080.35
Emergency Fund Balance $ 3440.91
Walter Israel Fund $ 1543.23