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Minutes of GOLA General Meeting July 2, 2016

GOLA Meeting Minutes – July 2, 2022

Board Member Introduction
H Peterson, Mike Rancour, Sue Borne, Jamie Weise, Dan Menden, Dave Anderson, Mark Peterson & Bob Stock

Association Dues
$20, Fill out the due’s form.
You can see Sue Borne during the meeting or mail the form/dues to the PO Box available on the form.

New Lakes Residents
One new resident from Goodrich, one from O’Brien

GOLA Bank Account Balances
General Fund $9,735.88
Fish Fund $5,016.56
Through June, 2022

GOLA Meeting Notes from May 28, 2022 Meeting
Motion on the floor – meeting minutes were approved.

Old Business

Fish Stocking of Perch
For the Fall of 2022, GOLA will be stocking perch and walleye.
Approval from DNR & the funds are available.
Steve: Fish Report
Met the $5,000 goal this year.
Cost of fish is going up.
2024 fish fund donation goal is $5,000 to $6,000.

Garage Sale
Reminder on dates = Thursday, 7/28 to Saturday, 7/30.
Contact Lynette Bourcy if you would like to join the map/advertisements
Fiber Internet Update
The fiber was installed by the road last Fall, 2021.
Currently Crosslake Communications is working on hooking up individual homes now.
If you would like to sign up to have installed, contact Crosslake Communications.
Once the fiber is all hooked up, the cable line will no longer work.
If you sign up for a two year contract there is no fee to get hooked up. Otherwise there will be a fee for those that sign up once the initial connection is complete.

Man-Made Loon Nests
Goodrich – From people in attendance at the meeting, no one knew of any man-made nests on Goodrich.
O’Brien has a one out and the GOLA provided floating loon sign warning.
Overall loons have been nesting later this year.

Water Testing
Both lake’s water testing information is available via the WAPOA website.
GOLA will continue to participate in WAPOA to help identify any negative items happening in our lakes.
New Business

Jane Haubrich volunteered to do some preliminary research on the ability to have a sidewalk/trail along the lakes.
Floor mentioned the DNR has programs to investigate for trails.

Business from Floor
Trees - Safety
With the recent storms, keep an eye out for any down trees in the water.
Multiple trees/stumps have been pulled from Goodrich 6 to 10 feet long.

Reminder for Fall, 2022 Meeting
Board Member Positions Renewal
For the Fall of 2022, the following volunteer board positions will be up for nomination.

Goodrich Co-Chair
Currently held by Mike R.
Will be stepping down, need a volunteer replacement nomination

Goodrich Board Member
Bob Stock
Will be stepping down, need a volunteer replacement nomination

O’Brien Board Member
David Anderson
Available to re-run unless other nominations are available

Jamie Weise
Available to re-run unless other nominations are available

Meeting Adjourned
Submitted by Jamie Weise