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GOLA Meeting Minutes, May 28, 2022

New Neighbors/Members to GOLA:
• Many new people around the lakes, majority of them on Goodrich.

Loon Center Guest Speaker/GOLA Donation (Fall, 2021)
• H read the thank you letter from the Loon Center for the GOLA donation ($500) last Fall, 2021.

GOLA Bank Account Balances
General Fund
• 9/21 $9392.71
• 5/22 $9301.96
Fish Fund
• 9/21 $1,041.19
• 5/22 $2,511.31

Fish Fund/Stocking
• Reminder 2022 is a walleye stocking year on both lakes.
• GOLA goal to reach $5,000 in donations for the Fall stocking.

• Floating Loon Signs
o GOLA purchased floating loon signs to be put next to all loon nests.
o ASK - GOLA looking to find out if there are any man-made loon nests on Goodrich so the association can get a floating sign out.
• Priscilla refurbished the sign she originally made for O’Brien, thank you!

Water Testing
• To continue
• GOLA belongs to WAPOA and MN Lakes and Rivers Association.

Garage Sale
• Scheduled for the last weekend in July (Thursday 7/28 through Saturday 7/30)
• Contact Lynette Bourcy if you would like to join the map/advertisements

• Beavers – 11 have been caught by Fairfield Township. They have a licensed beaver trapper.

New Business
• Sign at the Y
o Keep an eye on the board as new GOLA information is posted regularly.
o Membership forms, 4C’s and newsletters available here.
• Trail at the end of Tamarack (state property)
o Great walking path, especially in the Fall.
o Please be aware and respectful of any private property signs/land.
• Dave Anderson mentioned the bears that have been around.
• Lake O’Brien buoys going out Memorial Day weekend.
o Needed – Someone to adjust the 30-mph sign
o David Anderson volunteered to assess and straighten the sign.

Meeting Adjourned