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GOLA Meeting Minutes, September 4, 2021

Call to Order
Introduce Board Members
New Lake Residents

Treasurer’s Report
• General Fund: $9203.61
o July, 2021 GOLA meeting, it was approved to combine the emergency fund with the general fund. T he bank accounts and reporting will be combined going forward.
• Fish Fund: $2511.22

Minutes – Approve Summer 2021
• Approved meeting notes per attendees

Elections – For Terms Expiring Fall 2021 (Two Year Term)
For Positions Currently Held By:
• H- Peterson (O’Brien Co Chairman)
• Sue Borne – Treasurer
• Dan Menden – O’Brien Board Member
• Mark Erickson – Goodrich Board Member
Approved current (above list) to be renominated – Approved by attendees

Guest Speakers: Kris Kristofek, National Loon Center Scientific Loon Council
• Arranged by Eeva Hoch
• Retail store front located in Crosslake (Thurs- Sunday)
• Large loon center to be built in the Army Corp of Engineers Park.
o Park will be going through updates/additions for docks/shoreline first.
• Executive Director: Jon Mobeck
• Website:
• If anyone observes harassment of wild life – call the conservation officer as soon as possible.
• Live loon cam:
• Suggestion to get a loon nesting sign for the lake (
o 150 feet away from Loons

Water Testing – Information is available.

Walleye/Perch Committee Update

GOLA: # of contributors
72 Currently Paid (9/2020 to 8/2021)
• $20 & Under = 18
• $50 = 5
• $51 to $100 = 1
• O'Brien Total = $825
• $20 & Under = 15
• $50 = 3
• $51 to $100 = 4
• Goodrich Total = $1,385
Covid = Anomoly Year
Fiscal Year ends 8/31/2021
Usually get a higher number of donations during the Labor Day weekend meeting During a stocking year, board does extra reminders about the option to donate.
• Max stocking for Walleye is $5000 (both lakes, based on # of fish per acre).
o Each lake would need to have their own individual target based off sizing.
 Goodrich is almost twice the size of O’Brien
o 72% of the donations are for under $20
o Suggestion: Tell people the story in the newsletter about the fish fun donations. If we give people an understanding about the size of contribution  goal we have in mind.
o Pricing is per pound.
 Walleye is $18/#
 Perch is $16/#
o Per the fish farmer – If you want more walleye, stock walleye. If you want larger walleyes, stock perch. o Board to continue discussion in regards to stocking perch/walleye.

Garage Sale: Success for 2021
• Will happen again in 2022, thank you to Lynette

Beavers at the culvert – Fairfield has been responsive and are in the works to see if they will help.
• There is a rack at the culvet – feel free to clean out when passing by.

Fiber Internet – Installed, looking to get them to the houses in Summer 2022 (if you signed up).
• You can still sign up.
• They will not be removing the old (wired) system.

Loon Nest Area Signs – Purchase
 4 Sided = $180.00
 2 Sided = $96.00
 1 Single Side = $40 (Would need a pole & to be put into the lake bottom)

New Business Items
• Purple Loosestrife- Invasive Specie
• These plants only live 4-5 years. Take the seed tops before they flower and dispose. Do this continually and they will die off.
o Dig/pull it up.
o Apply chemicals (not recommended)
o DNR Recommendations: Put on rubber gloves (two layers) with a cotton glove over that. Dip the glove into the chemical to hand apply.

Pequot Lake Football Cards
• Supporting the community.
• $20 per Card. Available at the Labor Day meeting.

Ambulance Service
• If you are located within Crosslake, the ambulance comes from Crosslake.
• If you are located in Fairfield Township, the ambulance comes from Crosby.

From the Floor:
Suggested Donation to the Loon Center
Motion: $500 -- Approved

Submitted by Jamie Weise