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Minutes of GOLA General Meeting July 2, 2016

GOLA Meeting – August 31, 2019

Introduction of Current Board Members:
• In Attendance: Mike Rancour, Harold Peterson, Sue Borne, Jamie Wiese, Steve Chuba, Dan Menden, and Bob Stock
• Not in Attendance: Miles Johnson

Guest Speakers: Assistant Fire Chief: Neil Luzar

In attendance to talk about the procedure and safety of Crosslake Crosslake fire department, does service both O’Brien & Goodrich lakes
• Previous road closure (Approx. 1.5 weeks ago) to remove a power line.
• Road had to be shut down to wait for Crow Wing Power.
• Waiting time was approx. 45 minute to have the Crow Wing Power company assemble a crew.
• If there had been an emergency call, help would still be sent through.
• Helicopters will not land on Bonnie Lakes Road, not enough clearance.
• Landing zone at fire department and have landed helicopters on County Road 36.

Make sure to check batteries in smoke detectors.
Create an escape plan and have a meeting place – especially when having young children in your homes.

Question: If there is a disaster, how is Crosslake coordinating with other area help?
• After a storm, police and public works are checking roads. Fire department is not normally contacted unless additional help is needed.
• Make sure you have at least a couple days of food/water accessible to you in your home in case there is a major disaster.
• State patrol has a special team that can do helicopter retrievals by air. In other words, there are ways in which we can always get to you.

Question: Is the offices that are located on 66, is that centrally located for the assistance area? Is there any thought in the future to build another office location?
• Up to tax dollars. However, when coverage area gets to be a bit out – there are additional assistance with other city departments.
• Insurance ratings for homeowners in a 5 miles radius are lower in this area vs. outside of here due to the training levels and equipment.

Question: Defibrillators – Are they carried in trucks or in police cars.
• Police and five different first responders have these (AED’s) located in their trucks.

Question: What kind of water assistance is available?
• There was a hovercraft at one point, but did get rid of it. They got a zodiac (14’) inflatable boat. Has worked great.

Question: How many men/women are on the Fire team? • 28
Question: When someone calls 911, where does it go to? • Goes to the Crow Wing disbatch center (using a landline). They will then dispatch the correct department that is needed.

Pequot Lakes Football 2019 Discount Card
• Available during this meeting, $20 per card.

Fund Balances
General Fund: $7713.35
Emergency Fund: $1281.65
Fish Fund: $1086.00
Open Chair Positions:
• O’Brien President: Harold: Term is 2 Years – Nominated & Approved
• Treasure Position: Sue: Term is 2 Years- Nominated & Approved
• O’Brien Board Member: Dan – Term is 2 years- Nominated & Approved
• O’Brien Board Member: Miles- Term is 2 years. Per Lynette, Open the board position to the floor.
o Nominated Mark Erickson, Approved
• Slate casted, overall nominations complete. Floor voted & approved.

Old Business:
• Lake Etiquette: Draft approved during the July meeting. Final versions available to all homeowners available at September meeting.
o If specific issues arise, seek the correct authority (Example: Police)
o H will mail to all renters on both lakes (Approx. 9 between both lakes) based on approval of the meeting: Approved
o Board asked for assistance to hand them out.
o Will send a copy within the next newsletter.
o Suggestion to have a copy at the boat landings. Approval needs to go through the DNR first.

New Business:
• Suggestion from the floor to donate to the Fire Department
o First suggestion: $500 (Justification: We used to pay rent ($200) a meeting location)
o First Motion: $200
o Second Motion: $500
o Floor: $250 is a nice gesture, but $500 makes it more serious.
o Question Called, Voted on a Motion for $500, Signified & Approved.
 $500 will be donated to the Fire Station
 Sue will draft a letter & write a check for notation.

July Garage Sale – Lynette
• 6-7 Participants that notified Lynette, on top of there, there was approx. three more. • Went ok.
• If anyone has feedback on the garage sale process, please let the board & Lynette know.

Close of Meeting 8/13/19
Next Meeting will be Memorial Weekend, 2020

Submitted by Jamie Weise