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Minutes of GOLA General Meeting July 2, 2016

GOLA Meeting – July 6, 2019
Introduction of Current Board Members (In Attendance):
• Mike R.
• Harold P.
• Sue B.
• Jamie W.
• Steve C.
• Bob S.

Old Business:
• Meeting Notes from Memorial Weekend Meeting: Approved

• Beavers
o Fairfield Township is helping to remove beavers and damage.
o O’Brien sighting close to the sandbar
o May need to shut down Bonnie Lakes road for a short time due to beaver construction.
o GOLA paid for two beavers to be removed earlier this season.

• Lake Survey: Completed by DNR in June 2019 o Nets were out to survey fish, lake clarity, etc. o Goodrich survey was done in 2018

• GOLA Directory
o Working on addresses, stalled out
o Looking for volunteers to help with the directory

New Business:
• Increased Inspections (Watercraft at both launches)
o Letter has been created to the County to request funding for support
o Rules for boat launches/watercrafts are at the DNR website.
• Lost Kayak (Yellow)
o See Peg Boog (South of the Sandbar) it is sitting on her beach

Meeting Location & Times
• Will probably continue at the DNR building
• September Meeting: Will be discussing re-elections
o Harold- Co-President
o Miles- Board Member- Goodrich
? Mike Erickson may volunteer to take over Mile’s position on the board if he chooses not to run again.
o Sue - Treasurer

Garage Sale
• Email/Talk to Lynette for any details/questions or to get on the map
• Dates: 7/18-7/20

Financials: Summary of Accounts to be approved:
2018 Annual Report
TOTAL: $9754.05
• General Fund: $7633.40
• Emergency Fund: $1224.65
• Fish Fund: $896.00
2018 GOLA Annual Financial Report: Approved 7/6/19

Misc Items Items:
• Goodrich Lake Home for Sale
• John & Mary Scholl, 37567 Bonnie Lakes Road

Rental Properties
• Spring Meeting (Memorial) Motion Made: All rentals need to have a document posted in their
rental of lake details, phone numbers, boat operations, etc. Would like to have cards
• Harold is working on a document to share across both lakes.
o Harold is looking for assistance with reviewing the document from the group.
• Add GOLA website on the document.
• Add this document onto the GOLA website once finalized.

• Bob Stock talked to Chief of Fire, He is willing to come to a meeting as a guest speaker
• He will see if he is available for the September meeting as a guest speaker to discuss emergency
protocols for both O’Brien and Goodrich lakes.

Close of Meeting 7/6/19
29 People In Attendance

Submitted by Jamie Weise