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Minutes of GOLA General Meeting July 2, 2016

GOLA Spring Meeting 2019
May 25, 2019

Introduction of Current Board Members Present:
• Mike R.
• Harold P.
• Sue B.
• Jamie W.

Old Business:
• End of Year Fiscal Year Balance Reviewed
• Beaver: Goodrich low land area. Fairfield Township came, removed the beaver and dam.
• Buoys: Ready to be installed for the year. New anchors for 2019 season.
• Bears: Watch bird feeders, possibly remove for Spring season.

Meeting Location:
• July: Proposed 11am meeting at the Church OR a different meeting location for 9am.
o Space location TBD.
o Voted for earlier by present attendees. GOLA to determine. If weather is nice, we could go to the pavilion in town center.
• September 2019 Meeting: To be held at the DNR building.

Fall Meeting Minutes
• Reviewed
• Motion from the floor to approve September 2018 Fall minutes.
• Approved by All

• Will be reviewed and approved for July 2019 meeting

Garage Sale dates for 2019 Season:
• Running garage sale logistics: Lynette B
• Any questions/more information
• July 18-20, 2019

GOLA Directories:
• 2017 was the last updated directory.
• Board looking for a volunteer to help create a new directory
Decontamination Station
• If you have someone bringing their boat into one of our lakes, please encourage them to use the decontamination station that is provided by the County.
• There are posted hours and you can also call ahead and make an appointment.
• MAISRC website – Sylvia volunteered to look into going.
• Contact the Country to have a staffed person checking boats at launches (Through the County)
• Motion Desired: To have GOLA look into writing a letter for a motion to have additional County support to monitor the boat launches (motion made by: Cathy Svihel)

Fish Fund:
• Depleted at this point because the lake was stocked in 2018.
• Volunteered donation in both O’Brien and Goodrich.
• Association collects the funds, we stock every other year. Next stocking will be in 2020.
• We put in approximately $2000 worth each time, divided by both lakes.
• Exceptional year in 2018, we put in $2700 worth.

Association Involvement:
Election will take place in the Fall of 2019.

Rental Properties
• Motion Made: All rentals need to have a document posted in their rental of lake details, phone numbers, boat operations, etc. Would like to have cards
• Doug – has an older copy and was asked to supply them to Harold to review and get additional ones created.
• Sylvia- Suggestion: Take a book, leave a book nook idea for having details around the lake etiquette rules, etc.

Septic Tank Regulation Change for Crosslake City Limits:
• All people that live in the city limits of Crosslake
• Change of septic tank ordinance
• Will happen in the next 12 months
• Add a paragraph to current ordinance requiring pumping at least 1 every 3 years.
• Pumper will have to write up a report and submit to the City of Crosslake.
• If you do not follow these new rules, people will be subject to a fine.

State Land:
• For anyone that chooses to hike the State land, please pick up any garbage you may see.

Submitted by Jamie Weise
May 25, 2019