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Minutes of GOLA General Meeting July 2, 2016

GOLA Fall Meeting 2018
September 1, 2018

Old Business:

End of 2018 Fiscal Year Balances:
• General Fund: $8155.11
• Emergency Fund: $1086.52
• Fish Fund: $2779.79 (2018 is the year to stock lakes)
• Fiscal year ends on 8/31/2018. Any dues that are submitted as of today, 9/1/18 and on (through 8/31/2019) will be for the 2019 year.

Goodrich Co-Chair:
• Mike R- Willing to serve again.
o Name in nomination - Approved
• Bob Stock – Willing to serve again.
o Name in nomination – Approved
• Jamie Borne –Willing to serve again.
o Name in nomination – Approved
• Steve Chuba – Willing to serve again.
o Name in nomination – Approved

Garage Sale: Success
• Thank Lynette B for organizing
• Eleven participants. A few people that were not able to participate
• Put an ad in the shopper, see Treasurer, Sue for reimbursement
• Lynette will run again in 2019.

Water Quality
• GOLA Website: Navigate to ‘Other Links’
• Wapoa Link
• Water Quality – Average tropic state values
• Both Goodrich and OB are high – low value (good)
• Thank you for the volunteers who help with this for both lakes
• As far as we know, no invasive species in either lake
o Will continue to do the invasive species near the public launches

Trapper is hired to trap the beaver this winter
Send Harold a note with location of the beaver if you know

Harold and Steve will look into the bouys to shorted the chain and have additional weight on them.

New Business:
Road Suggestions
• No egress if accident or tree down
• Bob will talk to the city about this (Ted Strand)
• Would like to get a ‘dead end’ or ‘no through access’ for the beginning of Bonnie Lakes Road

New Trail
• End of Tamarak road – is about ½ to Ύ mile, circle trail
• Circles back to the West, overlooks the swamp
• This is in the state property
• Be cautious of the private property that the state area butts up to.

2019 Spring Meeting
Back at the church
The last meeting of the year in 2019 will be held at the DNR building again

Submitted by Jamie Borne