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Minutes of GOLA General Meeting July 2, 2016

GOLA Meeting – July 2018
July 7, 2018

Old Business

1. Approval for minutes from Memorial Weekend: Approved
Balance Update: $7028.97 General Fund, $2514.74 Fish Fund, iii. $1972.24 Emergency Fund
GOLA Incorporation: Has been renewed as a non-profit

2. Beaver Trapper: Got two beavers this past year. Did not charge GOLA for them last year. $50 per beaver for 2018.

3. Bouys: New this year, have been replaced & are out on O’Brien.

4. Speed Limit Signs: New speed limit signs are out (3). GOLA looked into changing the speed limit to 25 mph. Will be keeping it at 30 mph due to the steps needed to take. Solar Signs: Approx. $2700. Thoughts from the group is to see how the regular speed limit signs do first.

5. Snow Removal: Fairfield & Crosslake do a great job at clearing the roads during the winter.

6. Garage Sale: Lynette Bourcy: Sale scheduled for Aug 9-11th. Email Lynette if you are interested: Include: Name, Address, Days of participation. Specific items you are selling (spotlighted), Driveway signs are suggested. Will advertise in the Shopper with an ad about sales.

7. Meeting Location for Labor Day Weekend: Saturday @9am. DNR Office at the Campground, building to the left close to the dam

8. Fish Fund for 2018 – Will be ordered before Labor Day weekend.

9. Water Quality Update: Goodrich Secci disc reading was not as deep as normal, could be due to amount of rain. O’Brien: 21.5’-23, 21, 21.5 – Not as deep. Could be due to amount of rain. Additional details to be given at the Labor Day weekend meeting

10. Invasive Species: County looking for volunteers to be educated for invasive species.

New Business

1. Tree Trimming: Would like to have the tree branches trimmed due to the width of the road. People with larger vehicles/campers are not able to stay in their own lane due to tree branches sticking out into the road in some spots.

2. Labor Day Weekend Update: Provide additional water quality details (Mike R).

3. Bouy Lights: Bouys to have solar lights added on O’Brien: Approved.

4. Wake Boats: A concern from multiple people about their shore line. Per H: There is nothing we can do about it, not breaking any laws or regulations. Distance: Cannot come within 150 feet of scuba divers or designated swimming area

Submitted by Jamie Borne