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Minutes of GOLA General Meeting July 2, 2016

GOLA Meeting – Memorial Weekend
May 26, 2018

Introductions of the board
Old Business
1. Goodrich Lake Monitoring
George Kohan volunteered to do the lake monitoring on Goodrich.

2. Bob Stock was appointed by the board to fill the open Goodrich board position until the next election.

3. Beaver
Paid down payment on a beaver, person never contacted us again
Goodrich – North west side lot where beaver has taken down a lot of trees
OB- At least four trees

4. Welcome Bag
Available to all members who paid their dues

New Business
1. Fall 2017 minutes to approve

2. Financial Report

3. GOLA used to be incorporated
Requirement for non-profit, lapsed
No charge for renewing this status
Board recommends renewing the status, purchase a commercial liability at a small cost.
No tax implications
File with State of MN
501 C = Federal Filing – Will talk about this at the summer meeting.
Donations for services
Take a look at filing status (non-charitable, 501c)
Dues & Services = Not deductible
Approved to get corporate status and commercial liability insurance

4. Bouys
Over 40 years old
The red one completely gave out
The green one is almost done.
Motion on the floor to get new ones through the lake association
Approx. $300 apiece – to be determined
Look into style for the shallow water
Replace the chain and concrete block
We can choose the signage for the bouys
Shallow Water
No Wake
George: Would like to take the old green one
Timeline: Approx. to get by 4th of July

5. Garage Sale
Volunteer: Lynette Bourcy
Email Lynette for details and suggestions

6. Meeting Locations for Summer 2018
Legion leased their space to another group for possibly hosting breakfast
New location at the Presbyterian Church in Crosslake
September meeting, church has a conflict so the meeting will be held at the DNR
Administrative Office in Crosslake (Pull into the campground, small building on left)

New Business

1. Tamarack Road: Will it ever be extended to cty road 36?
No one knows anything about this.
Pine Creek Road is a private road and is not maintained by the city

2. Speed on Bonnie Lakes Road
Police Chief said he would bring out a portable speed tracking sign.
Would it be a possibility to have a permanent speed tracking sign?
Mike R will look into the cost of this and get more details for Crosslake section of the road (Not Fairfield Township)

3. Fish in Goodrich
Gill Net from DNR on Goodrich
Had probably 7-8 nets out (approx. 300 feet apart)
DNR Did this
150 crappies from 11- 14.5”
150 Blue Gills 9-11.5”
Big Walleyes (one female and one male)
Did not get a report on any northerns
Bass can swim in and out of these nets, do not have good numbers on them
On DNR website, they eventually post the results
This is done every three years
Add northern pickling recipe into the next newsletter

4 Invasive Species
If you see any, let a board member know – the sooner we see it, the better it would be for the lake.

5. Cleaning Station – Individual lakes can have at the boat launch
Board looking into additional information to see what cost is like.

6. Crosslake Cleaning Station
Available at no cost to anyone that would like to use it

7. July Meeting:
Collect a petition to Fairfield Township for speed limit sign
Need a dead end sign/ no outlet sign needed on Bonnie Lakes Road

8. General Fund Question: Has there been any thought from the general fund – with it being so high, can we move some of it into the fish fund?
--Revisit in summer meeting
DNR needs to know by August for the October fishing dumping
DNR can help support how many fish should/could be supplied into the lake
General concern is the amount of money in the account.

9. Bear
Mother + 3 cubs
Getting into people’s garbage & bird feeder

Submitted by Jamie Borne