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Minutes of GOLA General Meeting July 2, 2016

GOLA Meeting 9/2/2017
Meeting Called to Order: 9:05am

Welcome- H. Peterson & Mike R
New Lake Members: 0
Old Business
Garage Sale- Successful
Welcome Bags- to all people that have paid their 2017 dues will get a bag
Service Monitoring the Lake: Miles would like to pass on to someone else for Goodrich
Box & Balmers – O'Brien
Nelson & Miles- Goodrich
DNR: Disk & Water Level
Mike R – Will finish up 2017, would like a volunteer for 2018.

New Business:
Approve July meeting minutes.

Association Balances:
Balances: General $8271.87
Fish Fund: $1719.58
Emergency Fund: $2022.04

Fish Stocking: In 2018 Fall

Electing Officers: 2018
Goodrich Elected Obrien Co-Chair:
Nominated for Goodrich: No one did any nominations
Board will have to appoint someone through the winter and do elections again in Spring.
Elected Treasurer: Sue Borne, Officially Elected, taking over Mike Story’s board position.
Nominations Final for Treasury: Sue Borne
? Sue Borne will have to be added to the bank account.

Offical President Signature Approving Susan (Sue) Borne to be added to the GOLA bank account:
Signature: ______________________________ Date: _____________________________

• Wildlife:
Bear: DNR is only concerned about a bear when it becomes a nuisance.
Deer Feeding Article: Worried about chronic waste disease.

Re-arranging their food management group. Cannot seem to come up with enough volunteers.
Legion is not sure if the space will be available for 2018.
Board is asking for suggestions on locations/times/dates for meetings next year due to this.

Landing Check
Completed 2x a year (June/late summer) take samples of each lake to monitor for invasive species.
If something is going to happen, it will more than likely happen at the landing.
Jamie looking into a possible grant option to help support someone sitting at the boat launches, especially on Holiday weekends. More to come.

Road Work on Cty Road 36
Completion in Fall of 2017.
Based on progress the last few weeks, looking doubtful.
Bridge is completed, road is currently open.

Crosslake Library: Book sale today.
Open 10-1pm

Submitted by Jamie Borne