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Minutes of GOLA General Meeting July 2, 2016

GOLA Meeting 5/27/2017
Meeting Called to Order: 9:03am

Welcome – H Peterson
Intro of Board (H, Mike R, Mike S, Jamie, Dan, Steve, Miles, Kathy)

Old Business

Goodrich Launch
Update on adding additional planks- DNR agreed to add additional planks in 2017.

Whitefish Property Owners Association: Sponsor a monitoring program, they sponsor someone to come out to do a sample around the public access for invasive species.
$210/year – one time sample
Sample is taken at the public launch
Voted Across Group: Approved

Garage Sale
Let Jamie Know by 7/15 via email with name, address and phone number.
8/5 Saturday Garage Sale
GOLA will sponsor advertising and signs at major intersections.
Each garage sale person will be liable for their own sign at the end of the driveway.

Old Minutes from Fall of 2016: Approved

Current Balance: In current newsletter
Mike S- No new deposits (before this meeting took place)

Fish Stocking:
We are not quite there to have enough for the fund, but well be on the way
2018 next stocking.

Anyone paying association dues, please fill out the form for updated addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Welcome Committee
Previous: Used to have a welcome bag
Association is getting new bags created
Will approach businesses in town.
(Mike R, Mary S, Jamie, Sue will help)

Debris at the Culvert between lakes
There is a pitch fork at the culvert to help clear the debris out, If you see anything, please help out and clean it. There is a big pile right now, if anyone has an open trailer they can help (Steve Chuba offered to help)

At the fall meeting, talked about getting rid of beavers.
H called the cheaper version of the beaver killer.
No less beavers than there were before.
H will work on finding a beaver killer.
Expensive beaver killer is out of Breezy Point. H will contact them.
Approx. $150 per beaver (H will have to confirm)

Cabin Calendar
Available from Crosslake Chamber of Commerce or Army Core of Engineers Park

Items from the Floor:
Tamarak Bump Update –Road does not belong to the City of Crosslake.
City is aware of it, they are not sure if they want to do anything about it again.
City put up a sign there is a ‘bump'.
No one ever ‘deeded’ the road to the city.

Dead End Sign/No Outlet Sign/Speed Limit Sign
H will talk to the city about it adding these signs back.

Goodrich Landing:
People feel as though there are a lot of boats that are coming in/out of the lake.
Approx. 10 people a day.
End of April, 7-8 boats coming from the landing that he assumes they are not from the lake.
In the evening they are gone.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:29am

Submitted by Jamie Borne