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Minutes of GOLA General Meeting August 30, 2014

- 11:06 am meeting called to order

- Introductions of board: Mike Rancour, H Peterson, Mike Story, Sara Story, George Chuba, and Dan Menden

- Approved minutes from spring meeting

- Account balances: $2021.44 emergency, $1936.98, $6392.92 general. (Will move money from general to fish to satisfy fish stock fee)

- 2013 treasurer's report: Approved treasurer's report with notes added (will correct the mistransfer of funds when moved to new bank)

- Election: co-chair Mike Rancour, secretary Sara Story, Goodrich member Kathy Royce, Obrien member George Chuba, were re-elected for another term

Old business:

-Status of launch: Per email from DNR: DNR has accepted a bid but they have not heard back from this person who made the bid. There is still a chance the launch can be built this fall if they get back to DNR otherwise DNR will have to look at bids again.

- Current launch dates and times: Sun 8/31 3-5 pm and Sat 10/18 1-3 pm

- Fish stocking: last done fall of 2012, will be done this fall by Chris Boxmeyer (ratio is 70% Obrien, 30% Goodrich)

- Membership: membership lower than previous year, handing out GOLA stickers to increase GOLA awareness

- Welcome bags: has not been happening, looking for volunteers

- Beavers: Water has been high on Obrien all summer due to beavers and trees have been taken down on lakeshore over on Goodrich. Will have trapping done this fall.

New Business:

- Question raised about where membership dues go towards? Money goes towards defending our lakes from invasive species, water quality testing, rental fees, beaver trapping, and other expenses. Want to keep a sufficient balance for unforeseen expenses to protect our lakes.

- Directory: Hope to publish next spring and will go out to all property owners along with spring newsletter. Hopefully will help increase membership awareness.

- Question about whether launch will change how DNR operates on our lake? Fish stocking process will not change. DNR presence may be more frequent so reminder to have boats registered and enough life jackets for passengers.

- Meeting closed 11:38 am