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Minutes of GOLA General Meeting August 31, 2013

9:09 am meeting started with board member introductions

8/31/13 meeting's minutes were approved

Approved 2013 year end financials

Update on launch status via 7/3/14 email from Kurt Westerlund: The project is out for bids and bids will be finalized by July 10th. They expect completion in fall and if that does not happen, then next spring.

Due to rain the water levels are very high but doesn't seem to be impacting clarity. Clarity is approximately 21 ft right now in O'Brien. We may need to look into trapping beaver at some point due to dam being impacted by beaver activity.

Lake Directory: Goal is to publish this fall and the board is selling ads to help with publishing fees. $25 half page, $50 full page.

Kathy Royce reminded everyone to be cautious on lake roads as there is more traffic and walkers this time of year. There was approval to draft a letter to send to Fairfield and Crosslake city councils requesting additional signage for speed limits, pedestrian traffic, and to get additional information on laws for atv's as it has been observed there are some very young children on the roads with atv's.

General comments from floor: There have been a few bear sightings around the lakes so people should be aware of this.

A couple concerns were noted about fireworks going late into the evening. It was also noted that people have been getting very close to shorelines when boating and skiing--some worry about possible erosion. It is believed the law is to stay 100 ft from docks.

Account balances: general $6542.26, fish $1781.98, emergency $2021.44 There was approval to transfer money from general to fish to satisfy $2000 fish costs if needed for stocking in fall.

Additional signer of checks: Kathy Royce was approved to be additional check signer.

Elections coming up at fall meeting for 4 board positions: secretary, president, and Obrien and Goodrich lake representatives.

Motion and approval to adjourn at 9:36 am