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Minutes of GOLA General Meeting September 1, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 10:40 by Goodrich Co-Chairman Mike Rancour.

Other board members in attendance were: Kathy Royce and Miles Johnson (Goodrich Board Members), and George Chuba (O’Brien Board Members). There were 29 people signed in.

Reading of the minutes of the Summer 2012 GOLA Meeting was waived and the minutes were approved as posted to the website and circulated at the meeting.

Mike Rancour read a memo from Dwight Seward stating that the balances in the GOLA accounts as of 7/31 were:
Checking $5,551.39, Walter Israel Fund $1,336.65, and Emergency Fund $1,755.40.

Election of Officers:
Motions to nominate and second were made and the following officers were elected.
Goodrich Board Member – Kathy Royce (2 year term)
O’Brien Board Member – George Chuba (2 year term)
Treasurer – Mike Story (1 year term)
Secretary – Sara Story (2 year term)
O’Brien Co-Chair – Harold Peterson (1 year term)
Goodrich Co-Chair-Mike Rancour (2 year term)

Since our previous secretary Dwight Seward is moving off the lake, Mike Story will replace Dwight for signature authority on all three of our accounts. Dan Radunz, the GOLA secretary before Dwight will remain on all three accounts. These three accounts are: Consumer Checking #607648 (General Fund Checking), Savings Account #8011959 (Walter Israel Fund), and Savings Account #8018632 (Emergency Fund).

George Chuba gave a brief update from David Clute of the DNR stating that progress on the O’Brien boat launch had been delayed by diversion of resources to deal with the flooding in Duluth. The outlook is that the earliest a new launch would be open would be sometime in 2013.

Dick Royce commented the new culvert installation on the road between the lakes went very smoothly. The road was scheduled to be closed from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and it was actually reopened at about 4:30. Emergency personnel were on-site on the far side of the road during the shutdown. There was a question if some action should be taken to advocate for an alternative access for the west side of O’Brien and Goodrich. After some discussion, the prevailing opinion seemed to be that this situation was similar to many dead end roads in Minnesota and no resolution was likely.

Doug S commented that he has observed lots of floating weeds in O’Brien. It appears that someone was pulling up aquatic plants and leaving them in the lake to drift. If you are going to pull plants they should be removed from the lake.

There was discussion about conflicts that sometime occur between landowners and boaters near the sandbar on O’Brien. Discussion included statements that the ordinary high water mark is the division between private property and the public lake. A motion was made, seconded and approved to include an item in the spring newsletter, post on the bulletin board at the Y and on the website about property and access rights near lakeshore.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved at 11:20.

These minutes are respectfully submitted by Mike Rancour.