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General Meeting September 5, 2009

Mike Rancour called the meeting to order at approximately 1:05 P.M.

Board members in attendance were Mike Rancour, Dan Radunz, Loyal Meech, Kathy Royce, George Chuba and Bob Mattson. Absent were Mike Flynn and Miles Johnson.

There were no new members present.

A motion to waive reading of the minutes from the July 11, 2009 meeting and approve them as posted to the website was made, seconded and passed. Copies of the minutes were also available at the meeting for people to review.

There was no treasurer’s report available.

Kathy Royce was reelected to the board from Goodrich Lake.
Marv Souba was nominated for the board from O’Brien but declined. There were no other nominees.
There were no nominees for Secretary or the Co-Chair on O’Brien.
The board will work to fill the open positions for co-chair from O'Brien, board member from O'Brien and for secretary.

Membership of eligible property owners to date in 2009 is 64 on O’Brien and 36 on Goodrich.

Mike Rancour read a letter from Lowell Jaeger concerning the boat launch for O’Brien as follows:
"Our DNR Trails Division has completed our Field and Regional review of the site. It has now been passed on to our DNR Lands Division for appraisal assignment. We are now waiting on that to happen. I would expect that the appraisal will be done sometime early this fall. That means an offer will be made sometime this year yet.

You realize, of course, that the offer has to be accepted by the seller before we can move ahead. That is always a big and unknown step in this process. Let's just say that the land deal is completed. The earliest possible closing would be spring/early summer, 2010. The development monies for 2010 have already been distributed. I would take at least one season to clean up the property, seal wells, and remove septic systems and buildings. By then 2011 would be here and with it the possibility of development, maybe. But don't hold us to this. Typically from start to finish our acquisition to pavement is 3 - 5 years, give or take a year or two.

We may be slow but when we're done we have a great product."

Bob Mattson gave an update on the Lake Management Plan process. Bob stated that GOLA can attempt to form a LID or PID to assess lake shore owners the necessary fees to manage the lakes. Bob also asked if the association should pursue control of purple loose strife and Eurasian milfoil as an untrained committee. The floor was then opened up for discussion. There were discussions on the fact that with a Lakeshore Management Plan we are eligible for grants from the DNR, State, and other government agencies. If problems exist on an individual’s property than the board and the DNR both should be informed. Bob stated that a LMP gives the Association a head start should a crisis happen, such as Eurasian milfoil invasion or to anticipate other problems and/or potential problems. Should the development of a Lake Improvement District become desirable (i. e. so as to assess all lake shore owners equally) a LMP is a required first step.

Handouts on Lakeshore Management are available for interested individuals.

A motion was made, seconded and approved to form a Lakeshore Management Committee. Interested volunteers to serve on the committee include: Craig Sauer, George Chuba, Dan Radunz, Kathy Svihel, John Studer, Paul Krueger, Mike Flynn, and Bob Mattson.

Discussions ensued on membership and how to get more members. The discussions included a new updated lakeshore directory, the possibly putting a survey on-line at our web site, and a mailing in the fall. A motion was made, seconded and approved to send out a survey via mail yet this fall. No provisions were made as to the content or how soon the survey was to be mailed.

There was a motion to change the boat launch day and hour on Labor Day weekend from Saturday to Monday which died due to lack of a second.

There then ensued a discussion on the Neighborhood Watch program. The police should be contacted if anything unusual is spotted around our lakeshore property. Bob Mattson will contact the Crosslake Police department for information on how we can form a Neighborhood Watch and get signs posted.

Pat Selter had not arrived by 2:00 P.M. so there was no report on the aquatic vegetation work which his company was performing. The first half was completed last year and we do not know where we stand with the second part of the survey.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 2:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Loyal Meech