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General Meeting August 30, 2008

Mike Rancour called the meeting to order at approximately 12:45 P.M.

Board members in attendance were Mike Rancour, Loyal Meech, Dan Radunz, Kathy Royce, Bob Mattson and George Chuba. Absent was Mike Flynn. Attendance was 44.

Lynette Bourcy is our new Welcome person for the association. There were no new members present.

Dan Radunz gave the Treasurer’s Report.
GENERAL FUND = $866.09
EMERGENCY FUND = $4,153.47
Income for the year was $915.94 and Expenses were $1234.30. Walter Israel fund contributions were $845.00

A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the minutes for the July 2008 meeting as posted on the web site rather than take the time to read them here.

George Chuba was reelected to the Board as a Lake O’Brien representative. Dan Radunz will fill the position of Treasurer until the July 2009 meeting when the association will vote on combining the position of Secretary and Treasurer. Mike Rancour was reelected as the co-chair from Goodrich Lake. Miles Johnson was elected to the vacant board position from Goodrich Lake.

A discussion on the Lake O’Brien launch ramp centered on the need for volunteers to man is site during launching and the fact that only four wheel drive vehicles or tractors should attempt launches. No All Wheel Drive vehicles should attempt launches as attempts with these types of vehicles have been unsuccessful in the past.

The need for greater membership was discussed. The association will make a greater attempt to get property owners to join. There will be a drive in the spring in the newsletter and all members should encourage their neighbors to join.

New Business

Next year rather than a potluck we will support the Legion with their Pork Chop Barbecue. Meeting time will be 11:00 A.M. followed by the barbecue. Members are still encouraged to bring desserts.

Art Vadnais discussed the Links for the Library golf tournament at Crosswoods Golf Course on Sunday September 7, 2008. Cost is $30.00 and includes 9 holes of golf including a golf cart and a meal as well as a chance for a hole in one prize of $1000. Golfing begins at 2:00 P.M.

This is an even number year so a withdrawal will be made from the Walter Israel Fund for this fall's activity.

A discussion of the Ordinary High Level Water Mark, the highest water level for the last 100 years, FEMA regulations as relating to a flood plain, and the need for flood insurance or exemption took place. Gary Staples brought this to the attention of the board as the result of trying to obtain a reconstruction loan for his property. All of Crosslake is in a flood plain and FEMA requires flood insurance or exemption regardless of the elevation of your property. There is no exception without a survey of your property.

Old Business

The weed assessment for both lakes has been done this summer. The second part will be completed next spring. We hope to have the results for the July 2009 meeting. The total cost is $1500 this year and $1500 next. The funds are available in the Emergency Fund.

A big thanks to Bob Mattson and Mike Flynn for all the work they have done with the water level issue on Lake O’Brien. A petition was filed with the DNR to have the lake level restored to 1234.8 feet elevation. The DNR contends it should be at 1234.25 as established in 1938 when the dam was constructed.

All property owners must be contacted concerning the petition. As of today there are two property owners not yet contacted. They are Eric Hubbard and Pete Healy. Mike Flynn will get a signature from Pete whose property is located at 35835 Red Pine Road. Eric is unable to be located. Two other property owners have been contacted and one has not yet responded (Schreier) while the other has o bjected to the petition (Joel). The Joel family has indicated they are party to the retention of an attorney along with three other property owners down stream from the dam. The association is in possession of an eight (8) page letter from the attorney trying to discourage the association from pursuing the petition.

Bob Mattson asked for the support of GOLA members for reasons to return the lake level to it previous elevation. Bob has a significant number of valid reasons and asked if others might be suggested. Bob and the board felt we might need to retain legal help. We have exhausted a number of avenues to resolve this issue including contacts with Representative Howes and Senator Olson.

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to authorize the board to retain an attorney for a legal opinion. The cost was established at not to exceed $1000. The funds are available in the Emergency Fund over and above the $3000 need to pay for the lake weed assessments.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Loyal Meech