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General Meeting July 7, 2006

Mike Rancour called the meeting to order at approximately 10:05 A.M.

Board members in attendance were Mike Rancour and Loyal Meech. Absent were Mike Flynn, Dan Radunz, Kathy Royce, Bob Mattson, George Chuba and Paul Dorweiler. Attendance was 35.

There were no new members to introduce.

Loyal Meech read the minutes of the September 02, 2006 meeting. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the minutes as read. The minutes for past meetings are posted on the web site.

Loyal Meech gave the treasurer’s report as of 12/31/2006
GENERAL FUND $2,607.65
Notation was made that the balances do not include money received for 2007 dues or fish fund. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the report.

The Association is looking for board member candidates for the September election of officers:

Co-chair on O’Brien: Mike Flynn is willing to run again
Secretary Loyal Meech will step down if anyone is interested
Board Member O’Brien Currently held by Bob Mattson
Board Member Goodrich Currently held by Kathy Royce

Potluck for Saturday, September 1, 2007
Members whose last name begins with:
A – G should bring a dessert
H – Q should bring a hot or cold entrée
R – Z should bring a salad

Old Business:

A discussion on the O’Brien boat launch ensued:
A letter from Lowell Jaeger was read indicating the site previously being investigated was too shallow. A comment was made that a new site near Don and Julie Middelstadt’s place is being investigated by the DNR.

New Business:

Beaver Trapping
Marty Peterson gave an update that 10 beavers had been trapped on O’Brien. During the last two days, three (3) traps were stolen. Cost of the traps was $20 each. A motion was made, seconded, and carried to reimburse the trapper for the stolen traps.

No Wake Zone on O’Brien
Art Vadnais made a motion that the Association should pursue the placement of buoys in the narrows on Lake O’Brien. The motion received a second and Mike Rancour explained the procedure that needed to be followed. The motion was approved to proceed with the necessary action for the creation of the “no wake” zone.

A discussion on Personal Water Craft and their speeds ensued:
Mike Rancour indicated that this topic had been previously discussed at an association meeting and booklets had been distributed. There will be additional booklets made available at the association meeting in September

O’Brien 4th of July Boat Parade:
It was suggested that the organizers of the boat parade be recognized in the minutes of the association meeting. Mike Rancour indicated this was NOT an association sponsored event.

The Crosslake Library:
The library is now open and it takes 42 volunteers to run. There are six computers and books on Walleyes and fishing for walleyes. Thanks to Alden Hardwick for all he has done to make this dream a reality. Five hundred library cards at $3.00 each have been issued. There was $485,000 donated and no taxpayer money was used to finance the library.

Use of the American Legion facilities:
The association needs to send a letter of appreciation to the Legion for the use of their facility.

Lake Vegetation:
John Studer brought up the issue of weeds in our lakes. The members on Goodrich did not think there was an abnormal amount of lake weeds over past years but the home owners on O’Brien seemed to feel there was on their lake. There was a discussion on Curly Leaf Pond weed. A committee headed by John was established to look into the topic. Paul Krueger, Marty Peterson, and Steve Dahms volunteered to serve on the committee.

GOLA directory:
Loyal Meech brought up the issue of an updated lakeshore directory. Several newer members have indicated they wish to see their names and data in the directory. The latest directory was published in the year 2005. Previous to that the directory was published in 2000. Possibly an addendum page could be produced and distributed. The item was assigned to the board for further discussion.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Loyal Meech