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General Meeting September 2, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Mike Rancour at 12:42 pm.

The chairman’s award for best potluck dish was awarded to Sue Stock by Mike Rancour for her lettuce pasta salad.

Mike Flynn announced that Don Ciardelli passed away on 8/27.

New members in attendance were Vance and Karen Kuritz on Goodrich Lake.

Mike Flynn recognized board members in attendance Mike Flynn, Mike Rancour, Arne Berg, and George Chuba. The total attendance was 42.

Arne Berg read the treasurer’s report.
General Fund Balance = $1,530.58
Emergency Fund Balance = $3,497.56
Walter Israel Fund Balance = $3,657.94

A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made, seconded and approved.

Mike Rancour presented Arne Berg with a recognition award and dinner certificate for his many years of service as treasurer. Arne has decided not to run for re-election.

The minutes of the July 2006 Association meeting were read by Mike Rancour. A motion to approve the meeting minutes was made, seconded and approved.

Mike Flynn conducted the election of officers.
George Chuba was re-elected to a board member position for O’Brien.
Paul Dorweiler was elected to a board member position for Goodrich.
Dan Radunz was elected to the treasurer position.
Mike Rancour was re-elected to the Goodrich co-chairman position.

Mike Flynn presented information on locking mailboxes. A 12 box system is $1200 plus installation of 4’ by 4’ cement slab. The 12 box system comes with 1 parcel locker. A 16 box system is $1250 plus installation of a 4’ by 4’ cement slab. The 16 box system comes with 2 parcel lockers. The location for the mailboxes must be approved by the post office. The site must be easily accessible, safer for residents to get their mail, and residents must keept the area clear. If residents want to get the boxes, the contact at the Post Office is Dan Severance, 218-692-3712.

Mike Rancour gave an update on the procedure for having a no-wake zone approved.

Mike Rancour gave an update on the milfoil survey completed in conjunction with WAPOA. An email was received that both Goodrich and O’Brien were tested for Eurasian Milfoil and found to not be infected. WOPOA will forward the written report when received.

Mike Flynn gave an update on the O’Brien Launch status. Several members of the board plus Representative Howes and Senator Rudd attended the August Fairfield Township board meeting. Lowell Jaeger from the DNR also attended. Lowell stated that the DNR is not actively pursing the site on the School Trust Fund property. The site is expensive to develop and results in a marginal launch. The DNR is attempting to find a lot on the lake that is more suitable for a launch. Lowell gave no time table for this activity and said it depends on finding a cooperative seller. A proposal to develop an angled entry launch at the old site was made to the Fairfield board by Bob Mattson. Fairfield is considering that proposal. Fairfield agreed to allow the old site to be opened on 9/16 from 9:00 am to noon without an officer present, provided association members where orange vests and set out warning cones.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 1:38 pm. Following the meeting Peder Otterson, DNR Shoreland Hydrologist gave a presentation on the Shoreline Management Act.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Rancour & Mike Flynn